mar 4 2008

My files…



It is important to keep a well organized system in all written information.

Jeg mÃ¥ bare teste…..

feb 5 2008

Jeg må jo se TV

Altså, i hagen står det ei, eller det stod, gedigent selje. Med greiner over alt. Denne skulle beskjæres, og det ble da gjort av proffer. Et selskap som driver med hage og trær. Hver eneste dag, året rundt. For å gjøre en historie kort, selja ble kjempefin, min parabolantenne ble det ikke. Så jeg måtte ha en ny, ettersom en plastdings ikke lar seg fremskaffe i den materialistiske verdenen vi lever i. Eller kanskje er det det som er det med materialismen. Ikke reparer noe, kast, og kjøp nytt?

Så nå har jeg satt sammen denne plata, laget nye kabler, og så i morgen ettermiddag skal jeg finne fram en GPS, ta ut retningen mot 0,8° vest, og klistre plata fast i veggen. Å så morsomt, under min vei, så søkte jeg litt på nettet for å finne ut hvordan man stiller inn ei parabolantenne. Jeg kom da over denne bloggen, hvor Ann Elisabeth stiller inn sin parabolantenne etter hvor hun finner flest kristne tv-kanaler. Hva skal man vel med sport, filmer og porno, når man har Jesus fra Nasaret?


NÃ¥ er det bare Ã¥ se fram til et hav med gratiskanaler som sender ufattelig mye dÃ¥rlige programmer…

Forresten har jeg funnet ut at ordboka som er med i Firefox er sørgelig dÃ¥rlig pÃ¥ det med orddeling! (ikke kunne den ordet Firefox heller….)

jul 20 2007

My new Sniper Pack :)



The Phantom introduces a new type of tactical pack system; it’s the first product that provides an integrated drag bag and backpack. It allows you to carry your heavy weapon in the backpack, either with or without the concealing top-cover. If the cover is not mounted, you can withdraw a full-scale sniper weapon from the pack very quickly. Or, with the cover over the weapon, nobody needs to know what you are carrying. And if you leave the Control Clips undone, you can still pull the gun right out.

At left is shown the abrasion resistant DuPont Hypalon drag surface of the drag bag, and the re-configured pack. Note that the waistbelt can be removed, and the shoulder harness can be mounted to the bag so that the pack can be used as a conventional, non-scabbard pack.

The modular system lets you choose how much or how little of the system you need for your mission: The full set, just the Backscabbard, just the pack, or a drag bag.

The Phantom pack is a Gunslinger-sized pack in its main load bay, but offers a little more capacity because it is equipped with outboard hydration/radio pockets. It offers the ability to remove the bag and straps from the patented Backscabbardâ„¢, which can then be combined with the top-cover to make an excellent drag bag.

Text and pictures is from

mar 27 2007



Pork tenderloin, and this is the way to cook it outdoors. Just take some aluminum foil, some butter and olive oil, garlic or chili, salt and black pepper, wrap it, andput it on the fire. Remember to turn it every third minute or so, and don’t leave it there for more than 12 minutes, depending how your open fire is. Take it of the heat, and give it for 10 minutes to rest before you cut it with your knife.


Cooking rice, first chop some garlic and shallot, blanch them for a few minutes in butter, add the rice and give them a few minutes more. Add water according to the amount of rice and salt. When done, add some cream.

mar 27 2007

Camp fire.


Just to make it clear, we did bring wrought pieces of wood, and did not cut down anything from the forest in Bymarka. As that would have been a sin, and against the law here. Just imagine how it would have looked like in a rather small area where many people go hiking or skiing in the winter if people did cut down the tree’s!

mar 27 2007

Winter – snow – heat – water


One need water, next to securing the tent, melting water in the winter, is the most important job in the camp. There are no lions here in the winter 🙂


This is melting water from a different angle. I’m using Primus Multifuel, don’t know if it is the best, but it fit’s my needs. The fuel is gasoline.

mar 20 2007

Another go, homemade burgers


Had to give the homemade hamburger another go, and this time with real meat. I bought a kilo+ with beef, pork and some bacon, and minced it my self, with some, 1% salt and pepper. Bought some buns at the local shop here, kinda sweet ones, but good. And, a quite good olive oil for the salad. Thats it. Tasty, but in two days, I’ve eaten 700 grams of meat. Not good, not at all…..

mar 1 2007

The man with the 70 different beers!!


Go to Skorovatn in Nord-Trøndelag, Norway, and visit this mans pub! You will not regret it. As far as I remember (I have been there, though….), you will find no less than 70 different kinds of beer there. One better than the other. Do not taste one of each at the same night 🙂

Inside the «Skjenkestove»  


Too bad I didn’t bring my Canon Ixus 850 to this place, but have to use my sloppy Nokia 6680 to take this picture. And by some odd reason, there were no coverage at this place.

Skorovatn, has only 35 inhabitants, but this pub has 70 different kinds of beer. Amazing! So, if you’re in the area, go visit. You will remember this place!

feb 13 2007

Practice in the basement


Going hunting next week, and I’ve never used this tent before, so I needed to practice a bit before I get to the mountains. It is made by Helsport, and the model is Svaldbard. If you know Norwegian, you can read about it here.

okt 13 2006

Yep, this is me….

…with my shotgun 🙂