sep 17 2006

A sunny day at Kristiansten Fortress


Woke up early, remember it is Sunday, and went up to Kristiansten Festning (Fortress) to have the morning coffee there. The Vertshuset Festningen (picture) have some really nice waffle‘s, served with strawberry jam and sour cream. The coffee isn’t much to mention, quality less than the average Norwegian coffee. The rest of the food you can buy there, well I didn’t see much of it. Some Danish, that’s it. But who cares about that, they have waffle’s!

From the Kristiansten Fortress you have a nice view to the city, located on a height above Bakklandet. Today it was a sunny day, and a rather typical day in early fall. It is either like this, or raining like crazy.

sep 11 2006

My new blog!

My old blog is to be found here. I gave it up, as they did not do anything to solve the spam problems there. If I should have continued to use that blog, I would have to give up the comments. And that is half of the fun having a blog. So, welcome to this blog!