nov 10 2006

Knut’s lucky afternoon…..


Another roe-deer, and again, the hunter is Knut. He got this one today, in the afternoon, round 15:30. He told me that he had some problems loading his Blaser, and due to that the range was close to 200 meters. For him, that is no problem, one shot, one animal.

nov 6 2006

Flooded bridge….

Flooded bridge

Hell no, we’re not crossing this bridge! Heavy rain during the night, made this bridge impossible to cross.

nov 6 2006

Two happy men….


On the way back to the farm, and if I’m not wrong, it is Stig on the right side, talking on the phone. Probably something important….

nov 6 2006

3rd and 4th down….


Saturday morning, and again it is Knut that is the one that did take these ones down. He did see one animal from a nice and almost a shootable distance, but due to the wind conditions, he had to walk around, and get closer to the animal(s) from another angle. When he came into range, he did see two animals, and within a short time, both were down, and I would say, of course 🙂

nov 6 2006

2nd roe-deer down….


Same animal as the previous picture, but this time also with me in it. It was really exciting, as I had to still hunt this one, and the snow was making a bit too much sound. A nice shot, range about 50 meters, but it was a bit dark half past eight in the evening.

nov 6 2006

A tiny roe-deer….


Still, it is a roe-deer, do not forget that!

nov 6 2006



Are you a pro hunter, you also have a pro knife, don’t you? Or, can the job be done with a cheap kitchen knife…..

nov 6 2006

1st roe-deer down


Knut did take this one down, just 30 minutes after we arrived Namdalseid. A nice shot, range about 100 meters.

nov 1 2006

Homemade sausages!


Hah, this is almost like going to the toilet alone for the first time when you were a kid 🙂

Minced meat, paprika, chili, grounded paprika, pimento dulce, garlic, onions, salt and black pepper. The best sausages I’ve ever tasted!