jan 30 2007

A dinner for two, for one…


I’m full! This was too much, but I couldn’t stop eating. I do regret, but in a few hours, or at least tomorrow, I will be in shape again.

Take one can of tomatoes, into a pan, let it simmer.

Fry some mushrooms, and some good sausages, here, my homemeade sausages (best there is 🙂 ) Pour it into the tomatoes, and let simmer on low temperature.

Boil some bucatini, but not too much as I did, 150 grams is enough for one person.


jan 24 2007

My «homemade» chicken-burger!


Well, a late dinner after cleaning the snow from the front yard at home. Ton‘s of snow had to be removed, and I could eat a horse when I got back inside! It was a bit too much, as I’m still full….. A small mistake however, I did buy frozen chicken hamburgers. Bad idea, no taste, but one can eat most everything when you’re hungry. Next time, I’ll make these with chicken breast!

jan 24 2007

A sunny Sunday in Nakkeknekkerbakken


This picture is taken from the bottom of  the Nakkeknekkerbakken below Kristiansten fortress. Almost the first snow did fall that week, and it was time to go out with my daughter to play and have fun in the snow. Cold weather, snow and a Snow sled, true fun!

jan 4 2007

In season, Grey seal…


Have just faxed my application to get a license to hunt Grey Seal on the coast of Trøndelag. This is a young Grey Seal, but mostly we expect to find adult ones. I’ve done this once before, without any success, so hopefully, this season will be better. The season where I’m going, is from January 2nd, till September 15th.

The large number of different seals on the coast of Norway, represent a quite large problem for the salmon farms on the coast. In order to hunt seal on the coast, all you need is to be a registered hunter, and apply to the Norwegian Fiskeridirektoratet. It is also open for foreign hunters.