feb 13 2007

Practice in the basement


Going hunting next week, and I’ve never used this tent before, so I needed to practice a bit before I get to the mountains. It is made by Helsport, and the model is Svaldbard. If you know Norwegian, you can read about it here.

feb 11 2007

Later on the afternoon at Baklandet


Taken from Nedre Baklandet, towards Øvre Baklandet.

feb 11 2007

Nidelven from Bakke Bru


Nidelven from Bakke bridge.

feb 11 2007



Also taken from the fish market in Ravnkloa. Ice here too, and the owners of the boat’s here are probably happy about the ice. Oh, it is sunny today, let’s go for a ride on the fjord with the boat! Oh, I don’t think so 🙂

feb 11 2007

Kafé Skuret, Fru Inger and the Railway Station


Taken from Ravnkloa towards the other side of the canal, where you’ll find Kafé Skuret with live music in the summer,the fish restaurant Fru Inger and the Railway Station.

Also in this picture you cans see the ice on the water in the canal. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that it was freezing cold there.

feb 11 2007



The fish market in Ravnkloa. Used to be an old building, but some years ago it was replaced with this one. I think that the fish market did loose some of it’s charm. However, often you will find boats selling fish from the boat, and honestly, you get fresher fish buying from them.

I found a lot of pictures from Ravnkloa at Flickr.

feb 11 2007

The Canal, at Ravnkloa


This is the canal at Ravnkloa, Trondheim‘s fish market. Due to that they are building a tunnel under here, the water isn’t floating as normal, and the canal is filled with fresh water from Nidelven. That is why there is ice on the water here. However, it isn’t strong, so I wouldn’t try to walk on it 🙂

From here you can, in the summer, take the boat to Munkholmen.

feb 11 2007

Sunny afternoon at Baklandet


This is taken at Baklandet, on a nice day, sunny and not cold at all! This is an old labor class part of the town. The houses are for the most renovated, and are now housing a lot of cafés. More photo’s are found at Flickr.

feb 8 2007

Not so frosty anymore


This picture is taken 30 minutes after the other one. The «marine layer» is almost gone now, and you can see Fosen in the background.

feb 8 2007

Frosty Munkholmen!


Really cold morning in Trondheim, and this picture is taken from my office window. What you see here is the Trondheimsfjord, whit Munkholmen. You can read more about Munkholmen in Wikipedia. The Norwegian edition has a bit more information about Munkholmen, but of course, written in Norwegian.