mar 27 2007

Breakfast – in the morning…


Olav came up with that brilliant idea, pancakes for breakfast. He brought a bottle of batter, bacon and blueberry jam. Even I did eat breakfast that «morning.» Due to daylight saving time, well, we woke up kinda late, but there should of course be a difference between working days, and a day off!


This is clearly not my hand, as you can see a wedding ring, or an engagement ring there. Oh, I am kinky, but not that kinky!!!

mar 27 2007

Nice view!


You can see the lavvo here, and also the camp fire.


Here is Olav and me by the camp fire.


mar 27 2007



Pork tenderloin, and this is the way to cook it outdoors. Just take some aluminum foil, some butter and olive oil, garlic or chili, salt and black pepper, wrap it, andput it on the fire. Remember to turn it every third minute or so, and don’t leave it there for more than 12 minutes, depending how your open fire is. Take it of the heat, and give it for 10 minutes to rest before you cut it with your knife.


Cooking rice, first chop some garlic and shallot, blanch them for a few minutes in butter, add the rice and give them a few minutes more. Add water according to the amount of rice and salt. When done, add some cream.

mar 27 2007

Camp fire.


Just to make it clear, we did bring wrought pieces of wood, and did not cut down anything from the forest in Bymarka. As that would have been a sin, and against the law here. Just imagine how it would have looked like in a rather small area where many people go hiking or skiing in the winter if people did cut down the tree’s!

mar 27 2007

Winter – snow – heat – water


One need water, next to securing the tent, melting water in the winter, is the most important job in the camp. There are no lions here in the winter 🙂


This is melting water from a different angle. I’m using Primus Multifuel, don’t know if it is the best, but it fit’s my needs. The fuel is gasoline.

mar 27 2007

Oh, isn’t it nice…?


Olav is doing manual labor! Digging a hole in the snow for the camp fire and a place to sit. This is up in Bymarka in Trondheim. Photos from this trip are taken by Lars Andreas Dybvik.

mar 20 2007

Another go, homemade burgers


Had to give the homemade hamburger another go, and this time with real meat. I bought a kilo+ with beef, pork and some bacon, and minced it my self, with some, 1% salt and pepper. Bought some buns at the local shop here, kinda sweet ones, but good. And, a quite good olive oil for the salad. Thats it. Tasty, but in two days, I’ve eaten 700 grams of meat. Not good, not at all…..

mar 1 2007

The man with the 70 different beers!!


Go to Skorovatn in Nord-Trøndelag, Norway, and visit this mans pub! You will not regret it. As far as I remember (I have been there, though….), you will find no less than 70 different kinds of beer there. One better than the other. Do not taste one of each at the same night 🙂

Inside the «Skjenkestove»  


Too bad I didn’t bring my Canon Ixus 850 to this place, but have to use my sloppy Nokia 6680 to take this picture. And by some odd reason, there were no coverage at this place.

Skorovatn, has only 35 inhabitants, but this pub has 70 different kinds of beer. Amazing! So, if you’re in the area, go visit. You will remember this place!

mar 1 2007

A large forest!


Up here, this is a large forest!

mar 1 2007

Hmm, another mountain…