apr 11 2007


All the pictures from today are taken just outside the office building where I work here in Trondheim. Was rather windy today, as it was last night. (I’ve been told, as I am a professional sleeper 🙂 )

apr 11 2007


apr 11 2007

More soup…

IMG_0112.jpg IMG_0115.jpg

apr 11 2007

The sea was angry that day…


I have to quote George here, George Costanza that is, «The sea was angry that day my friends, like an old man trying to return soup at a deli!»


apr 10 2007

Old Town Bridge


A bit from a different angle than most pictures taken of this bridge. Most taken close to «Lykkens portal».

apr 10 2007

Nidaros Cathedral


Nidaros Cathedral, view from the Elgeseter bridge. Taken yesterday, on a sunny day. The picture below, taken today, and back to normal weather….


apr 10 2007

Kristiansten Fortress


This is the same place as in this post, but with snow. Had some snow early in April.