Just remember to visit my old blog, phlog.net. My name is Ole Mørkved, I live in Trondheim, Norway.

I will post things about hunting here, as I hunt Roe Deer, Moose, Capercaillie, Seal, Grouse and a few other animals if I can. Another plan is to post something about the food that I make, as that is something I really like to do. If you don’t make proper food, dinner’s and so on, you will end up in hell 🙂

The pictures I will post here are either taken with a Nokia 6680 or a Sony Ericsson K750. Knowing that the camera’s on the cell phones today isn’t the best, don’t expect too much. The SonyEricsson is semi-ok, but not ok. Both are useless without proper dayligh. If you click on the pictures, you will see a lager version of it.